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Merry Christmas

29 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas! Look what I got Christmas Day:

My gallbladder got upset Christmas Eve.  I had to starve through Christmas Day, cuddled up on my parents’ sofa.  But by 8pm I was nearly fainting and trembling like mad so I had to go down A&E.

X-rays and blood tests later, they found out I had a blockage in my bile duct (probably a gallstone).  Nothing too serious to worry about because the x-ray showed the gallbladder was okay and I wasn’t running a fever.  So I was sent home with painkillers and anti-spasmodic tablets.  And when I woke in the morning, the nausea had eased for the first time in four weeks!  It appeared the stone had passed out of my bile duct.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’m cured.  There are clearly still stones in my gallbladder because when I eat “normal” food I get nauseas again.  Right now I’m surviving on potatoes, rice, gluten-free crispbread and baked beans.  I am hoping to add more foods to that list but right now that’s all I can handle, and even those only in small amounts.  I have more blood tests tomorrow to check the blockage has passed (which I think it has considering how different I feel) and then I just have to wait for my appointment for a scan to come through.

It hasn’t been the best of Christmases for me.  But hopefully in the new year we can finally get this sorted and I can get back to living a normal life again!

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